SEATTLE --Nearly a hundred firefighters took over a major street in Wallingford as flames shot out from all four sides of a restaurant.

Thankfully no one was hurt but this is a popular street drew not only a lot of emergency crews, but a lot of curious residents as well.

Because the back of the building is a house it was a bit of a challenge.

They were able to get in and start fighting the fire, but it had a hold and the structure itself was burning, said Sue Stangl with the Seattle Fire Department.

The tenant, an elderly woman, made it out okay.

She's probably in her 90's, broke her hip, just out of rehab, so were concerned about her, said Stangl.

Many area residents were concerned over the surrounding buildings.

It was really critical to get fire crews into all of those structures to one make sure everyone was out and two make sure fire didn't extend to those other structures, said Stangl.

Those structures were all evacuated while crews searched.

But nearby structures are still standing and so is the Wallingford favorite that was on the other side of the fire, Molly Moon's.

I hope the ice cream doesn't get hot, said one onlooker.

As the community came out to see if everyone was okay, many took notice of the people offering to help.

That's just Wallingford, that's why we would stay here, we would not wanna go anywhere else. Just love it, said one resident.

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