SEATTLE A woman who disappeared from Snohomish County 18 years ago, leaving her husband and son behind, has been found alive in California.

Judith Bello vanished Dec. 13, 1993 after leaving her job at National Food Corporation in Sylvana with a friend, according to the Snohomish County Sheriff s Office.

Bello didn t pick up her son from daycare and did not make it back to her home in Stanwood. Her car was later found abandoned at a post office.

The investigation into her disappearance remained open. She was featured on a deck of playing cards given to detectives that profiled 52 unsolved missing persons and homicide cases in the county. Bello was the eight of hearts.

Last week, a woman claiming to be Bello called sheriff s detectives, indicating she was living in California. She called after seeing her profile on the sheriff s office website. Detectives were able to confirm it was Bello.

The sheriff s office said Bello left Washington due to domestic issues with her husband. It s still not clear why she did not contact her family or police to let them know she was OK, nor why she chose California.

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