KIRKLAND, Wash. -- A 19-year-old woman has died of a neck wound at an apartment complex in Kirkland.

Police spokesman Mike Murray said the woman's boyfriend called 911 about 3 a.m. Wednesday. Paramedics arrived and tried to save her, but she didn't make it.

Unfortunately when they were getting ready to transport, it was obvious that she had passed away in the aid car, said Murray.

Detectives were trying to figure out the circumstances that led to the woman's death.

We don't know at this time if it was self-inflicted or it was done by somebody else, said Murphy, so that is what our investigation is hopefully going to find out.

Police were conducting an investigation at the apartment complex, locted in the 13000 block of 100th Place NE. They were also searching the area around a nearby Albertson's grocery store.

A police dog was brought in to search the alley across from where the woman was found.

We found what we believe is a possibly a piece of evidence some more evidence back behind the Albertson's, said Murphy.

Police obtained a search warrant and began searching the apartment.

Police were also questioning the boyfriend at the police station. At this point, he is cooperating with police and not considered a suspect.

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