PORTLAND, Ore. -- A citizen uploaded a video to YouTube on Tuesday documenting extended verbal harassment of a KGW news crew as the crew attempted to report from the downtown Occupy Portland encampment during Tuesday's noon newscast.

The video shows a kerchief-wearing man who repeatedly shouts epithets at the crew, and pushes and shoves KGWemployees trying to stay between the man and KGW news reporter Art Edwards.

(Warning: video is unedited and contains extensive swearing - viewer discretion advised)

Video uploaded by YouTube user: daylightdisinfectant

News Director RickJacobs said KGW employees have been cursed at, pushed and shoved several times during their efforts to cover the Occupy Portland movement. Last week, reporter Art Edwards was seen live on the air being physically pushed and shoved by a masked protester.

After last week's incident KGW began sending a third crew member on each live shot assignment out of concern for employee safety. After Tuesday's incident, Jacobs announced that live reports would be discontinued during the morning and late-night newscasts until employee safety could be assured.

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