TUMWATER, Wash. - The family of a 13-year-old boy accused of killing his father called the death an accident Tuesday.

Jim Asher, Jr. was killed Sunday night whilesleeping in his Thurston County home.

Detectives said Asher's13-year-old son confessed to shooting the man with a rifle.

The boyis held in juvenile detention on $100,000 bail.

Before the judge set bail, the boy's grandfather disputed claims from the prosecutor that the boy posed a danger to the community.

I do not believe my grandson killed him [Asher, Jr.] on purpose. We all believe in our hearts that it was an accident, Jim Asher, Sr.

Prosecutors said the death was a murder based primarily on the boy's actions after the shooting.

He lied. He hid the weapon. He summoned aid from his mother. He didn't even check to see if anyone was hit, said Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Wayne Graham.

The motive for the shooting is not clear to detectives.

A spokesperson for the Thurston County Sheriff's Office said new evidence discovered Tuesday could explain why the boy would have wanted to kill his father.

The spokesperson would not discuss details of that possible lead.

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