A British man was mauled by a shark while swimming on a closed beach in South Africa. He was attacked by a great white shark near Cape Town.

Officials said the man defied several warning that sharks were in the area, possibly three great sharks were spotted at the beach. Flags were up, cautions, raised and beaches were closed.

Yet officials say Michael Cohen, 42, a Briton living in South Africa, insisted on going in And that's how quickly the warnings came viciously true.

Rescuers raced from all directions toward the man on the beach, pulled from the water with one leg gone, the other mangled.

No one was in the water, but him.

Seen in amateur video, while the rescue helicopter hovers in the air - something hovers below, in the water. The camera zooms to reveal an enormous shark, believed to be the attacker.

London's Telegraph quotes a shark spotter employed in the area as saying Cohen never took any notice of our warnings. If he wanted to swim, he swam. We warned him often that he was taking a risk, but he always said 'If a shark takes me, then blame me, not the shark.'

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