Garfield High School forfeit their season opening game against Lake Washington Friday, after the head coach reportedly got upset over a call.

It happened with the score 14-0 with 10:17 left in the third quarter, the Seattle P.I. reports. After Lake Washington recovered a Garfield fumble, Garfield head coach Kelvin Goliday reportedly got upset at the call. That led to two delay of game calls against Garfield and Goliday was reportedly ejected from the game.

The referees called the game minutes later.

A fan at the game shot this video and described what was happening this way:

While attending the high school football game at Lake Washington High School versus Garfield High on 9/2/11, we witnessed an event that none of us had ever seen before in our lives. With 10:17 to go in the 3rd quarter, a routine dive play by Garfield resulted in a fumble with Lake Washington recovering. Garfield called a time out and pulled all their players off the field. From that point on they refused to take the field. Lake Wash. players and referees waited on the field while delay of game penalties continued to mount. Garfield's players simply stood in a long line on their sideline in protest. One of Garfield's coaches walked across the field speaking forcefully to one of the referees and then walked off the field or was ejected. After about 20+ minutes, the Garfield team left the field.

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