PUYALLUP, Wash. -- Police from out of state searched the Puyallup house of a missing woman's husband Thursday.

Utah detectives confiscated at least six computer towers from the Pierce County neighborhood home where Josh Powell and his two sons live.

Police conducted the evidence search all day in relation to the disappearance of Josh's wife, Susan. She vanished in December, 2009 from the couple's Utah home shortly after Josh and their sons left on a camping trip.

Josh has been considered a person of interest in Susan's disappearance from the beginning. He has not been arrested, and no arrests were made Thursday.

In an exclusive interview Thursday night with Dateline NBC's Keith Morrison, Josh Powell said investigators came to his house looking for Susan's private journals.

The warrant is to take Susan's journals and any digital copies of the journals. They said they want all the computers that could possibly have a copy of her journals, said Powell.

NBC's Morrison also asked Josh what he would say to those who think he killed his wife.

I have never hurt my wife...I have never hurt her, said Powell. She's been suffering, she has very low self-esteem because of severe emotional abuse as a child. She's had to live with that and I've had to try and help her get through that.

Susan is originally from Puyallup.

According to Steven Powell, Josh's father, the search focused on Susan s journals and anything electronic that could hold copies of the journals.

They re trying to make a spectacle of our family, said Steven. They re trying to make it look like we re guilty.

Video from SkyKING showed yellow police tape surrounding the house during the search, and several officers and civilians moving around the property. Powell's young sons were also seen in the backyard.

About 45 minutes after media learned of the search, Josh and the two boys were seen leaving the home in a minivan, where they later stopped at a McDonalds drive-thru, and later a playground.

Last week, police searched a remote Nevada location for Susan's body, and Josh told KING 5 News in an interview that he was overjoyed by the news of a possible lead. However, no evidence was uncovered from the location.

Steven called Thursday's search the second ring of a three-ring circus, and said, Who knows what the third ring will be. He said last week's search in Nevada was the first ring.

Joshua and Susan's father, Chuck Cox, were recently ordered to stay at least 500 feet away from each other.

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