SEATTLE -- With the textbook prices constantly breaking the bank, the best option for college students today is to buy and sell their books from other students - and a new Amazon iPhone app released to the store Monday just made that process a lot easier.

Amazon Student, as the app is called, aims to help students in the process of buying and selling their textbooks, all from the ease of their smartphone. Though many websites of this nature have existed for years, Amazon Student has taken the process and made it much more manageable for the new, tech-savvy college student of today.

The app includes a barcode scanner and a price comparison database to help students find the best deals on their books and offer reasonable prices for their old text books as well. Through scanning the barcode, students can add their books to their trade-in queue, making selling their old textbooks as easy as point and shoot.

Through Amazon Student, students can also sell just about anything, including DVD s and other electronics.

To find out more about this app, visit the article here.

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