BELLEVUE, Wash. A collision involving a semi-truck, a logging truck and 13 other vehicles blocked westbound Interstate 90 for several hours Wednesday morning and left a young girl in critical condition.

The chain-reaction crash left three lanes closed between 148th Avenue SE and the exit to I-405 for about four hours.

It started at about 7:45 a.m. with a semi truck that, for some reason, could not stop when it approached the morning congestion.

The semi truck just started plowing through. It looked like a movie scene. Cars were flying up in the air. The logging truck s axle flew right beside me, said witness Sean Mee.

Logging truck driver Michael Mullins said the semi slammed into his truck, taking the trailer out from underneath him.

I seen his cab and truck come over the left. I knew he was going to hit me, and from there everything went the wrong way, said Mullins, who said all he could do was try to maintain control.

At least seven people were taken to the hospital, including a 9-year-old girl in critical condition.

I seen her in my rearview mirror before I got hit, and when I got out she was screaming for her daughter, said Mee.

At its worst, the backup was six miles. All lanes were back open just after noon. Sign up for traffic text alerts

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