Points about the Book:


2.The Photo Recipes are divided by stages of growth (0-3 months, 3-6 months, etc) and highlight developmental milestones that occur in those specific stages.

3.In a digital world, we can easily take thousands of photos but have no idea what we shot. This book gives you 40 wonderful, fleeting milestones that you want to capture the first year of your baby s life.

Three Tips for Newborn (0-3 Months)

Intro: Newborns take our breath away because they are simply so new . We want to preserve this through how we photograph them. The simpler the photo, the better. Here s one example of what I mean from the book;

1.Show lots of skin b/c of how natural and timeless the look is when they are newborns. For example, have mom wear spaghetti strap top and baby dressed down to diaper.

2.Get in tight (zoom in, step close to baby and mom, etc) so that the frame is filled with baby and mom.

3.Turn up the heat! Keep baby sleepy and content by turning up the heat or using a space heater. This way, when you dress them down to a diaper, they won t wake or cry from the chill in the air.

Three Tips for 3-6 Month Old

Intro: Let s talk about how to help mom look great too!

1.Have mom hold up baby on a counter or table top. The counter or table top, covers up half her body.

2.Have mom lean in toward the baby and camera. Leaning forward will elongate her neck and slenderize her.

3.With mom looking great, we also capture this developmental milestone for baby where they can t stand on their own, but they love to show off how they can stand with a little help! Super sweet!

4.Talk to your baby with BIG smiles. At this age your baby is mimicking all your facial expressions.

Three Tips for 6-9 Month Old Chubby Legs Photo-Recipe (from book) Condensed

Intro: Baby s legs are chubbiest before baby can stand on their own, so we want to make sure we capture this fun detail between 6-9 months.

1.Since baby can t stand on their own have mom hold baby right under baby s armpits.

2.Have mom wear a black dress so that her black dress is the background, drawing more attention to baby s chubby legs.

3.Frame in tight so that the photo is all about those chubby legs.

4.Experiment and turn this photo to black and white! This will make those chubby legs pop even more!

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