EVERETT - Western Washingtondoesn't see snow and ice on the lowland roads all that often. But thisyear there has already been plenty, including the November storm and this week's spotty snow.

The Washington State Department of Transportation says spun out and abandoned vehicles on top of accidents make clearing the roads difficult as snow keeps coming down.

Number one, you have to watch your speed. says Washington State Patrol Trooper Keith Leary. He was one of the troopers dealing with a big mess on I-405 in Lynnwood Wednesday morning as a snow squall brought traffic to a halt.He's seen too many examples of unprepared motorists and poorly equipped vehicles in his 16 years with the State Patrol.

Second is your following distance, your distance between you and other cars. And number three is you can't jam your brakes on. You have to have a nice smooth brake application, says Trooper Leary.

Leary says some people don't look far enough ahead, not muchbeyond the end of the hood, nothundreds of feetor more that would give them time to react.He says he hears all sorts of excuses from people who manage to slide into the car ahead of them. Often he says people say they didn't see it.

I hope we don't see it in future storms, that people aren't prepared.If you're prepared and do the right thing you won't find yourselves in a situation.I don't know how to get that through to people. says Trooper Leary.

Experts say for starters, have decent tires on your car that can handle winter.

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