SEATTLE - The Seattle city attorney's office said Tuesday no assault charges will be filed against two Seattle police officers who stomped a prone Latino man in April.

One officer used ethnically offensive language during the videotaped incident, authorities have said.

Though the incident was marred by an unacceptable and unnecessary racist comment, our office concludes that neither officer's conduct was criminal, City Attorney Peter Holmes said in a statement.

His announcement regarding Detective Shandy Cobane and patrol Officer Mary Lynne Woollum comes after the King County prosecutor decided in September not to charge Cobane with malicious harassment under the state's so-called hate crime law.

Both officers will now be subject to an internal investigation by Seattle police that was put on hold while the April 17 incident was reviewed by county and city prosecutors.

The incident occurred as Seattle police were responding to an armed robbery call near a nightclub in Seattle's Westlake neighborhood on April 17. Patrons had called police and described the suspects as Hispanic.

The video -- shot by a freelance videographer -- shows a group of officers surrounding several men lying on the ground.

At one point, an officer approaches one of the men and can be heard saying: You got me? I'm going to beat the (expletive) Mexican (expletive) out of you homey. You feel me?

Soon after, officers kick the man in the head, hand and leg.

A tearful Cobane later apologized to the Latino community for his role and said the words he used were offensive and unprofessional.

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