Griswold Nurseries is at 12643 Northeast 70th Street Kirkland, WA 98033 in Kirkland. VIsit them at www.griswoldnursery.com or call (425) 822-3078

Lakewold Gardens in Lakewood Tacoma, www.lakewoldgardens.org (253) 584 4106, 12317 Gravelly Lake Drive SW, Lakwood WA 98499

5/24/14 plants
Sun Pot Ingredients:
Red Twig Dogwood
Magenta geraniums
White Cosmos
Pericallis senetti -- Deep Blue

Bellevue Botanical Garden's new suspension bridge opens to the public in mid May. Visit wwwbellevuebotanical.org for more details.

Waterbeads can be found online, doing a search with the phrase Water beads.

Goji Berries (Lycium Barbarum) are at larger nurseries, call and make sure they have them in stock. Ciscoe warns, they can be a tad invasive!

Hendrikus: www.hendrikus.com or 888-828-9977

PCC Natural Markets www.pccnaturalmarkets.com

Volunteer Park Conservatory is located at 1400 E. Galer St. Phone: (206) 684-4743 Website: www.volunteerparkconservatory.org

Oly Mountain Fish Compost is made in Belfair. It's available in bulk and bags. Check www.olyfish.com for local retailers near you

Terra Bella Flowers specializes in organic, locally grown and sustainable blooms. Find them at www.terrabellaflowers.com. Visit them at 8417 Greenwood Avenue North.

Late Winter/Early Spring Rose Prune. Remember, cut to an outward facing bud. Don't whack back all the way to the ground, a couple thirds the length should do.

Hendrikus Organics: www.hendrikus.com or 888-828-9977

Dahlia Barn is located at 13110 446th Ave. SE in North Bend. Phone 425.888.2155 - toll free 877.4-DAHLIA or visit www.dahliabarn.dom

To book your own houseboat tour aboard a classic yacht, check out www.cedarwave.com or call (206) 355-0133. They also do floating tours of gardens on Lake Washington.

The Nursery at Mt. Si
Phone: 425-831-2274 | Fax: 425-831-2275
42328 SE 108th St | North Bend, WA 98045

Oly Mountain Fish Compost: To find out how to get some Oly Mountain Fish Compost of your own, go to http://www.olyfish.com/ . Or call them at (206) 940.8807

Seattle Rose Society has a pruning demo at HIghline Botanical Garden March 9 10 to 2. Go to http://www.seattlerosesociety.org/CalendarOfEvents.html to find out more about their centennial, and June Rose Shows

Tacoma Art Museum: Warhol Flowers for Tacoma, http://www.tacomaartmuseum.org

Jungle Fever Exotics, Tacoma. http://junglefeverexotics.com/

Bartholemew Winery is located at 3100 Airport Way South in Seattle in the Old Rainier Building. http://www.bartholomewwinery.com/

Home and Garden Art, Ballard www.homegardenart.com
1111 NW 85th Street, Seattle WA (206) 779-0668

Danny Woo International District Community Garden is located on Maynard and Main in Seattle. For more information, go to their website. http://www.interimicda.org/index.php?/sustainable_communities/danny_woo_garden/

The Seatac Dahlia Farm is located at 20020 Des Moines Memorial Drive. Order tubers at http://sea-tacgardens.com/

Seattle Tilth's Good Shephard Center (and the Good Shephard P Patch) in Seattle's Wallingford Neighborhood. Don't miss Tilth's Harvest Fair on September 8th, 2012. For more, www.seattletilth.org

To find out more about growing Saffron Crocus, contact Len Horst at Earth CPR Supplies, 65 Hooker Rd, Sequim, WA 98382 (360) 681-8790

Pick Organic Blueberries at Dungeness Meadow Farm. Call 360-582-1128 to see if berries are ripe, or try www.dungenessmeadowfarm for updates on the crop. To buy buy your own blueberry bushes, and Hendrikus Fertilzers and products, try Sunny Farms in Sequim www.sunnyfarms.com

The Salish Lodge and Spa, www.salishlodge.com
Drop in for some excellent homegrown honey!

The Italian Landscape was by Hendrikus:
Hendrikus: www.hendrikus.com or 888-828-9977

To get a plot at UpGarden, or any Seattle P Patch, go to http://www.seattle.gov/neighborhoods/ppatch/

The Nursery in Sequim that specialized in Vine Maples is McComb Gardens Nursery: www.mcccombgardens.com
751 McComb Road
Sequim, WA 98382
Phone: 360.681.2827
Fax: 360.681.7578

Plant Pick was a Butterfly Maple


Where to get our planter:

Windmill Gardens
16009 60th St E
6211 Pioneer Way E
Gordons Garden Center
308 Yelm Ave E
Rosedale Gardens
7311 Rosedale St. NW
Gig Harbor
Willow Tree Gardens
7216 27th W
Furney's Nursery
21215 International Blvd
Des Moines
Covington Creek Nursery
32135 Thomas Rd SE

Pacific Science Center's Tropical Butterfly House is open 7 days a week, and admission is free with your Science Center entrance. Visit http://www.pacificsciencecenter.org/exhibits/tropical-butterfly-house

Griswold Nursery is located at 12843 NE 70th St. in Kirkland. Visit the website at griswoldnursery.com

Bellevue Botanical Garden's new suspension bridge opens to the public in mid May. Visit http://www.bellevuebotanical.org/ for more details.

Waterbeads can be found online, doing a search with the phrase Water beads.

Goji Berries (Lycium Barbarum) are at larger nurseries, call and make sure they have them in stock. Ciscoe warns, they can be a tad invasive!

Terra Bella Flowers is a retail shop that specializes in organic, locally grown and sustainable blooms. Find them at www.terrabellaflowers.com. Visit them at 8417 Greenwood Avenue North.

Kubota Gardens is located at 9817 55th Avenue South in Seattle, their website is www.kubota.org

'A Cooks Tour of Kubota Gardens' can be ordered at

If you need a tree moved, or want to buy a tree, get in touch with Big Trees in Snohomish at www.bigtreesupply.com or (360) 563-2700.

For Tina's winter gardening tunnels, find them at Territorial Seeds, www.territorialseed.com
Of course, you can also find Hendrikus Organics soil enhancer at www.hendrikus.com or 888-828-9977

Marenakos Rock Center is located at 30250 SE High Point Way, Issaquah Washington. If you're interested in seeing, or attending, Stonefest next year, or taking any of the classes Marenako's offers, go to Marenakos.com .

The Dahlia Barn, in North Bend www.dahliabarn.com

Seattle Children's PlayGarden is located at 1745 24th Avenune South
(206) 325-5576

Woodland Park's Rose Garden is located at 750 N. 50th Street in Seattle

To find Hendrikus products: www.hendrikus.com or 888-828-9977

Llama Rose Farm and Gardens
27248 Big Valley Road NE
Poulsbo, WA 98370

PCC Natural Markets www.pccnaturalmarkets.com

Seattle Youth Garden Works helps underserved kids develop job skills by teaching them how to grow and market veggies. www.seattletilth.org/about/sygw

Hendrikus Schraven shows Ciscoe how to use the mycorrhizae in Start Right to make plants healthier, tastier, and happier. www.hendrikus.com or 888-828-9977

Willows Lodge is located at 14580 NE 145thin Woodinville. Even if you're not staying there, you're welcome to enjoy Eaglesong's gardens. www.willowslodge.com

Mercer Slough Environmental Center is located in a 320-acre wetland nature park in the heart of urban Bellevue. The Center is a collaboration between the City of Bellevue and Pacific Science Center. For more information visit www.pacificsciencecenter.org/Mercer-Slough/slough

Ciscoe and Meeghan planted a summer container with 'Sumac, Tiger's Eye' 'Ninebark, Center Glow', a heather, a heuchera, cimicifuga and a verbena for danglers.

Find Cedar Shield and Start Right, and nurseries that carry these products at
www.hendrikus.com or 888-828-9977.

Hillside Desert Botanical Gardens is located at 3405 Hillside Place in Yakima. Visit in June for peak blooms. Website: http://hdbgi.com/

The tomato that can take some shade is a Stupice.

The succulent that looks like a rock is called a Lithops. You can find them in some nurseries, and Hillside Desert Botanical Gardens has them also.

Hendrikus: www.hendrikus.com or 888-828-9977

Lakewold Gardens, an historic estate garden on the shores of Gravelly Lake in Lakewold. This institution welcomes visitors to picnic, stroll and enjoy landscapes ranging from the mansion's knot garden to a superlative shade bed, to woodland gardens with glowing maples and tumbling waterfalls. This place will take your breath away. Picnicking in encouraged at Lakewold -ours was provided by Occasions Catering out of Olympia.

The book about Lakewold that Meeghan and Ciscoe were checking out is called Lakewold Gardens: A Magnificent Northwest Garden . It can be purchased for $50 at the Garden, and all proceeds to towards keeping Lakewold magnificent. Find them at:

12317 Gravelly Lake Drive SW in Lakewood. Phone 1-888-858-4106 or visit lakewoldgardens.org

Hendrikus products and consultation information can be found atwww.hendrikus.com or 888-828-9977

The Nursery at Mt. Si is a great destination nursery with a fabulous view. Bob River's Bees are in the back, happily buzzing in their hives.

The nursery is located at 42328 SE 108th Stat the base of beautiful Mount Si in North Bend, WA
www.thenurseryatmtsi.com. Phone: 425-831-2274

W. W. Seymour Conservatory is located at 316 South G. St. (in Wright Park) in Tacoma, find it at www.metroparkstacoma.org, or (253) 591-5330

Hendrikus Organics: www.hendrikus.com or 888-828-9977

Our Plant Pick was a Celery Pine

If you'd like to get advice on landscaping for your cat, or have the Hendrikus Group build a cat-friendly backyard for you, get in touch with them at www.hendrikusorganics.com or www.hendrikus.com.

Bountiful Home is located at 122 - 4th Avenue S., Edmonds, WA 98020 425.775.3800 bountifulhome1@aol.com

For more informatin about Hendrikus Organics: www.hendrikusorganics.com or www.hendrikus.com.

Our Plant Pick this week was a 'White Icicle' Flowering currant!

Bellevue Nursery is located at 842 104th Ave. SE in Bellevue. Find them online at bellevuenursery.com, and call them at 425-454-553. Ciscoe willgive a talk there April 16 at 10 a.m.

Seattle Chinese Garden will open to the public for the first time the Sunday after the Chinese New Year -- Sunday, February 6th. To find the garden, and for hours, go to www.seattlechinesegarden.org. They are looking for volunteers to help with different projects as well -- if you'd like an opportunity to learn more about the symbolism, craftsmanship and seasonal dynamics of this brand new Chinese Garden, volunteer to help out with it!

To learn more about vertical mulching, contact Hendrikus Organics at www.hendrikusorgranics.com

Plant Pick Grasses: The short round one was Little Hamlin Fountain Grass. The tall one was Variegated Moor Grass.

For information about Olympic Sculpture Park visit www.Seattleartmuseum.org

Lasagna Mulch fertilizers and soil enhancers can be found at Hendrikus Organics - www.Hendrikusorganics.com

Pruning tips and classes can be found at Plant Amnesty - www.plantamnesty.org

To book your own 'garden planning session' at The Willows Lodge,visit www.willowslodge.com

Furney's Nursery islocatedat 21215 International Boulevard. The gift ideas we found at Furney's were: Container Containers ($3 to $5), Jingle Bells ($11), Television Music Box (Approx. $140 ) and Hand Rakes ($7)

To find retail stores that carry Hendrikus Products, including Humagic, go tohttp://www.hendrikusorganics.com/retail-distribs.php

Recipe for Humagic Plant Cookies: 1 part flour to 2 parts Humagic, add enough water to make a cookie dough consistency paste, make your shapes, and let dry. Put a cookie size 'plant cookie' in with a gallon plant -- your plant will thank you for the cookie!

Washington Park Arboretum's Visitors Center will host Gifts and Greens Galore on Dec. 11 and 12. This holiday fundraiser is a great place to buy presents, greens and wreaths made from Arboretum cuttings! It is 10:00 am to 2:00 pm both days, at the Graham Visitors Center, and activites are free -- there will be holiday entertainment, music, even vintage cars! Find out more by visiting www.arboretumfoundation.org online.

Ciscoe and Meeghan's winter container partial Plant List: Gold Coast English Holly, Hellebore Pink Frost, Cotoneaster Thyme Leaf andHeuchera Black Out.

Hendrikus Schraven takes us behind the scenes at his Compost Tea Lab. To purchase compost tea, call Hendrikus Organics at 888-828-9977 or 425-392-9977 or visithendrikusorganics.com

Mother Earth Farms supplies fresh organic produce to Pierce County food banks and soup kitchens. If you'd like to find out more about them visitwww.efoodnet.org

Reach Carrie Culp at Urban Oasis Design and Construction, 206-310-8165 and www.urboasis.com

If you have a problem the Mobile Organic Kitchen can solve, call Hendrikus Organics, at 888 828 9977, or 425 392 9977. hendrikusorganics.com

To find Hendrikus' Essentialsoil in bulk, go to Red-e Soil in Redmond at 8816 N.E. 80th. Phone (425) 868-6500

To find out more about Rosabella's Garden Bakery and Cafe, check out Rosabellasgarden.com Or just drive to it -- be sure to call ahead and check hours and pie availability!
Rosabella's Garden Bakery
8933 Farm to Market Road
Bow, Washington 98232

Hendrikus Organics offer a full line of well balanced organic fertilizers, soils, soil amendments, compost teas and tea brewers that help create the optimum environment for a healthy soil foodweb to thrive and support healthy vibrant plant material.

We provide the products and education for those who want to do all their garden work themselves; we provide a combined product and service approach for those who want to do some work themselves and then have us provide a portion as a service; and we also provide a complete service package.

Products, education, and service are combined in different blends to meet the different needs of our clients. For more information on Hendrikus Organics go to www.hendrikusorganics.com

For past recipes, go to PCC Natural Marketspccnaturalmarkets.com. For information about Lynne's cooking classes, go to PCC Natural Markets pccnaturalmarkets.com

Seattle Tilth's Pickling and Canning classes take place Sept. 21 (Canning 101) Sept. 30 (pickling) Oct. 14 (Canning 101) and Oct. 21 (pickling) at 4649 Sunnyside Avenue N. in Wallingford. Go to seattltilth.org for registration details and complete class descriptions.

Visit Bastyr University's Medicinal Herb Garden yourself: www.bastyr.edu/development/garden/herbgarden.asp will get you there online, or just drive out to Kenmore, 14500 Juanita Drive NE.

Gardening With Ciscoe Plant Pick was 'Abutilon' megabotanicum - a flowering maple.

To find out more about The Make a Wish Foundation, visit www.wish.org

Seattle Youth Garden Works can be found online at www.sygw.org if you'd like to learn more about the organization, or make a donation. Their address and phone number are:
5700 6th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98108
(206) 766-9865

Wight's Home and Garden is located at 5026 196th St. SW in Lynnwood. Phone (425) 775 3636. To find out more about any of the containers, the raised cedar boxes, or the home decor items you saw in the show, go to www.wights.com

Tofino Botanical Gardens is located in Tofino, British Columbia. Visit their website at www.tofinobotanicalgardens.com

Lakewold Gardens is at 12317 Gravelly Lake Drive SW in Lakewood, Wa. Visit them online at www.lakewoldgardens.org for more information.

Roses we looked at at Molbak's were Hot Cocoa, Pretty Lady and Gourmet Popcorn. We also looked at Rose Rx, and Captain Jack's Deadbug Spray, organic rose health and pest elimination sprays.

For more information on how to build rain gardens, go to www.cedar-grove.com

You can't eat it, but you can train it to climb! We're planting an ornamental sweet potato vine so that it grows on an arbor.

Give your summer bounty the deep freeze. PCC Cooks Chef Lynne Vea helps Ciscoe turn summer fruit into a tasty sorbet.

Ever notice how your multicolored plants always turn back to green? Ciscoe has the tricks to keeping variegated plants ariegated.

Meet the Fern Madame at Fancy Fronds Nursery. The owner of this unique nursery in Gold Bar is on a mission to make everyone a fan of the fern.


Gray Barn Nursery in Redmond has plants, bulk materials, great containers, and an expert staff. Be sure to say hi to the two nursery cats, Baby and Psycho, when you stop by. They're at 20871 NE Redmond Fall City Road, and can be reached at 425-898-8217. www.graybarn.com


Compost Soxx, or Garden Soxx,are available at Cedar Grove in Everett, Woodinville and Maple Valley. For more details, and to learn about Compost Days, go towww.cedar-grove.com/


Windmill Gardens is located at 5823 160th Avenue E. in Sumner. Phone (253)863-5843 www.windmillgarden.com


The Bellevue Botanical Garden is located at 12001 Main Street in Bellevue. Find them online at bellevuebotanical.org for a list of plant sale dates. Stroll the garden any time of year. It's free, though donations are always appreciated (look closely at that big frog on the ground. It's actually a giant 'froggy bank' for donation deposits).

Pacific Topsoil's Yard Waste Recycling Facility is a great place to drop truck loads of yard waste, and pick up compost, gravel, soil or bark to take back to your garden (all recycled, from the materials that get dropped off). Located at 1212 N. 107th Street, Seattle. For a map, and a list of acceptable and unnacceptable materials for recycling, go to www.pacifictopsoils.com/maps_and_locations.htm

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