SEATTLE - At Seattle's Blue Marble Energy, chemists are cooking up a perfume made from the waste products of a local organic brewery, including rancid beer grains, green algae and a sludge consisting of 50,000 different kinds of bacteria.

The grains replace petroelum in the production process making the perfume, called Eos, completely carbon neutral.

Unfortunately, guys, despite the ingredients in Eos, it does not smell like beer.

But the handmade perfume by Seattle's Sweet Anthem does smell... nice.

Eos comes in both masculine and feminine versions. When asked if one goes better with nachos and the other with chocolate, Sweet Anthem founder Meredith Tucker said, Well... it's all personal taste.

For more information, about Blue Marble Energy, log on to http://bluemarbleenergy.net/newsroom/.

To find out more about Sweet Anthem handmade perfumes, go to http://www.sweetanthem.com/perfume/.

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