PERUGIA, Italy - In the 48 hours since Amanda Knox was convicted of killing her British roommate, her parents say checks, e-mails and calls of support have been pouring in from all over the world.

Perugia seemed eager to move on from the circus atmosphere that pervaded the trial in its final days.

The family is also moving on, from hopes of an acquittal, to planning a long appeal.

Obviously it didn't work here, they've convicted two innocent people, something went wrong, said Amanda's mother, Edda Mellas.

Amanda was so crushed by her 26-year sentence, it wasn't just her family fearing for her emotional well-being.

The doctors asked to see her and then they just chatted with her, and said 'how you doing,' one of them said 'you're not going to do anything to yourself, right?' and she said 'no, absolutely not,' said Mellas.

As she was rushed through the crowde streets, no one knew how Amanda would be greeted at the prison, now a convicted killer.

So warmly, the guards, the prisoners, everybody was as shocked as she was and some cried with her. They all hugged her. They were very kind to her, said Mellas.

The prison also granted her parents and sisters a rare Saturday visit.

Stay strong. This is going to get fixed. You are going to come home, said Amanda's father, Curt Knox. And I told her I loved her and gave her a kiss.

Amanda will now spend her third Christmas in a foreign prison. She's so disheartened, her jailers are keeping her under observation until at least early next year.

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