Video: Don't dawdle when a business closes

EVERETT, Wash. - Marcus Steele's pool table has been in his family for over 30 years.

"It was in my parent's house for as long as I can remember," he said.

It was finally handed down to him, and while Marcus was a bachelor it remained in his home. That is until he got married and started a family.

To make room, the pool table had to go. He found a place to store it in Monroe, called AAA Pool Tables and Games.

"Great people, they were out here, they came they got it, broke it down, hauled it out," he said.

Then in February, Marcus got a call from the AAA Pool Tables. Some of the owners were retiring and shutting their doors for good. Marcus's family heirloom needed to find a new home.

"I talked to my wife and we decided to just have it brought back here," he continued.

Months went by and still no pool table.

After the company failed to show up for an appointment, Marcus called me. We went to AAA Pool Tables and Games.

Through their window, we could see Marcus's pool table.

Minutes later, one of the owners, Dana Connell, showed up and let us in. She explained they'd love to give the table back but she didn't have the people to move it.

"We absolutely made a mistake in missing a setup appointment. However, I wanted to make sure that I had enough people to handle the one-piece slate," she said.

Marcus agreed to come and get the pool table with a bunch of his friends. Now it's back where it belongs.

"We finally got it back, thankfully, thanks to you guys," he said.

Everything worked out for the Steeles, but if a business is closing, you better act fast. Don't wait to complete any transactions.

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