Video: Snake venom the latest anti-wrinkle treatment

If you don't like the idea of botox and needles, would you consider putting snake venom on your face? It's the newest anti-wrinkle treatment.

Meet the Malaysian viper and its venom. Or maybe you'd prefer it packaged from Planet Skincare.

"The reason that it's special is that it has a purified protein in it based on snake venom," said Dr. Tami Meralgia, Vitality Medispa.

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So it's synthesized, not the real thing, but it works the same way as venom to constrict muscles all over the face.

"They did studies in both the laboratory and on humans and proved statistically significant wrinkle reduction - 52 percent actually," said Meralgia. "So you can use this morning and night and you'll find in about a month your skin looks smoother and softer and less wrinkly."

Although botox takes less time to work, it's also much more expensive. Heidi Chambers has had both treatments.

"I've tried botox before but there's only certain places where you can inject botox and I've noticed again in here and also under my eyes, so that's why I decided to go ahead and use the product," said Chambers.

After three weeks, she's pleased with her results.

"My skin's a lot smoother. I have noticed lines have decrease, which is always a benefit," said Chambers.

The effect is softer than botox, but like botox, the results go away as soon as you stop using it.

A jar of Planet Skincare moisturizer costs $115 and lasts about six weeks. So far it is only available at the Vitality Medispa on Queen Anne Hill.

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