SEATTLE -- Robin Williams left a lasting impression on many people, including a woman in Wallingford. Miriam Lisco got a chance to chat with the comedian during down time on a film shoot six years ago.

For 25 days, in 2008, Lisco watched the movie shoot next door through her dining room window.

I was shocked because he wandered over to say hello to us, Lisco remembered.

Williams was in Seattle shooting a dark indie comedy called World's Greatest Dad.

It was unbelievable, Lisco said. You don't see Hollywood productions outside your house very often.

The school scenes in the movie were filmed at McDonald's Elementary in Wallingford. Lisco says one day she was on her front porch and Williams, who was in the parking lot, came over to chat.

This time he wasn't the over-the-top comedian she had come to love, but a down-to-earth everyday guy.

That's when I started a conversation with him and asked him about movies because I'm just a huge fan, she said. And so I asked him what his favorite movies were that he was in. And I was really surprised when he said 'Awakenings' was his favorite.

Awakenings was the 1990 film he shot with Robert DeNiro.

Lisco has seen every movie Williams has made and says the casual and candid conversation through that chain linked fence stuck with her for years.

When she heard the news of Williams death, it hit even closer to home.

Because my brother committed suicide as an alcoholic, she said. It was just, all I did was think about my brother yesterday. along with Robin.

Strange how a man who battled such severe depression gave such joy to the people he came in contact with.

People like Miriam Lisco.
Fondness, she said of the experience. We talked about it for weeks. We talked about it for weeks and weeks. It was fabulous.

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