SEATTLE - Governor Jay Inslee on Tuesday took a walk on the smelly side to learn more about the link between climate change and sewage treatment.

King County Executive Dow Constantine joined the governor on a tour of Seattle s West Point Waste water Treatment Facility which has been suffering more damage lately from rising Puget Sound water.

Managers say during extreme high tide events, salt water from Puget Sound invades and corrodes the pumps and piping in the system. Seattle recorded its highest tide ever in December of 2012. It came during a moderate storm and caused major damage to waterfront neighborhoods and businesses.

Scientists say we can expect more of those as sea water warms and rises and storm events get stronger and more frequent during climate change.

Inslee learned the treatment facility is having to deal with problems on both fronts; salt water intrusion from Puget Sound and heavier flows in sewer lines during wetter storms.

King County is steadily fortifying its pump houses and other equipment during regular maintenance schedules

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