SEATTLE-- The Jewish Federation of Seattle demanded a representative of the National Rifle Association step down Monday, after video claiming to show him comparing a statewide initiative increasing background checks for gun purchases to Nazi Germany surfaced online.

The video, first posted by Horsesass.org, purports to record Brian Judy, an NRAliason, speaking at an event last week in Silverdale against I-594.

The comments veer towards Seattle entrepeneur Nick Hanauer, a major supporter and financial contributor to the I-594 campaign, and his Jewish faith.

He's put half-a-million dollars towards this policy, the video stated, The same policy that led to his family getting run out of Germany by the Nazis.

It's like, any Jewish people Imeet who are anti-gun, Ithink, 'are you serious,' the recording continued, (Nazis) registered guns and then they took them. Why did you have to flee this country in the first place? Hello, is anybody home?

Attempts to reach Judy and the NRA were unsuccessful Monday, leaving no way to independently verify the content on the video.

However, I-594 supporters reacted quickly to the story. The Jewish Federation of Seattle, a backer of the measure,demanded Judy's resignation.

The stretch is so dramatic, said Jewish Federation CEOKeith Dvorchik, Ithink anytime you try to link the Holocaust to something unrelated, it becomes really troublesome.

Alan Gottlieb, a gun rights supporter and backer of competiting Inititative 591, questioned the controversy. Gottlieb, who is also Jewish, said Monday Nazis did expand a registery and take guns.

Idon't see any problem with it, he continued, Everything there is factual.

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