A King County judge has released the journal of accused Seattle Pacific University shooter Aaron Ybarra.

Ybarra, 26, faces charges of murder, attempted murder and assault in the death of Paul Lee and wounding of two others in the June 5 shooting.

The journal starts nine days before the shooting, with the frightening prologue... sometime by the end of this week or the beginning of next week, I will express how I really feel about humanity.

He outlines his years in psychotherapy, use of prescription medication and a high level of stress that made me a little crazy.

One day later, I knew therapy wouldn't do anything.

As the days go on, Ybarra's words become more agitated. He speaks of revenge on guys he hates.

June 2, three days prior: There is no doubt I'm going to kill quite a few in the shootout.

He mentions potential targets - Washington State University chiefly, then his plan B's, including Seattle Pacific.

Ybarra writes that he went to SPU pretending to be a prospective student to learn where certain buildings were.

June 5: This is it.

Ybarra says he's jumpy, that he's finally doing it, that he wants people to die.

Nineteen-year-old Paul Lee died in the shooting. Ybarra pleaded not guilty to the crime, his attorney plans an insanity defense.

There is also a public disclosure request for the campus to release the surveillance video taken in Otto Miller Hall during the shooting. On Tuesday morning the King County Superior Court Judge ordered the video to be released, but she gave until July 25 for the school and student witnesses in that video to appeal. The students did appeal on Tuesday afternoon. The court will have to decide if the video will be released.

Warning: Journal entries contain violent and disturbing language.

Aaron Ybarra Journal Pages

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