SEATTLE -- Seattle City Council Member Bruce Harrell is pushing for a city rule change that will provide faster internet services to Beacon Hill and other neighborhoods that are underserved.

It's been an ongoing concern for digital activist Robert Kangas.

We want faster internet in our neighborhood, said Kangas.

Harrell supports a pilot project in Beacon Hill that would loosen rules for where broadband utility boxes could be located.

At one Beacon Hill public right of way, CenturyLink wants to update a cabinet that would provide faster internet for 600 nearby homes.

The city requires that homeowners within 100 feet of the box vote on it. If an individual fails to vote, it counts as a no. That rule prevented the installation of boxes for the neighborhood.

This is why there is essentially no competition in the city for internet, said Kangas.

Mayor Ed Murray is considering a rule change that must be paired with significant improvements from internet companies.

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