SEATAC -- Stuck inside all winter and itching to enjoy the sun?

A brand report by Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) and an article by the Wall Street Journal finds, so are millions of other travelers -- and it's driving up prices.

The report finds airfares and hotel prices are climbing as more people are booking trips to beach destinations and Europe this summer.

Airlines and online travel agencies say 25-to-30 percent of tickets are already sold for travel between Memorial Day to Labor Day.

This early buying shows U.S. travelers flying farther and with strong demand for Hawaii and Europe.

The ARC report finds the highest price hike is to Honolulu, which is up 15.1 percent compared to last year. New York is up 10.75 percent and Orlando has a 7.9 percent jump.

Plane tickets to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the World Cup Soccer tournament have skyrocketed 454 percent over last year.

Experts say high demand is driving up prices. is also seeing more expensive hotel prices.

Travel companies say buying your tickets earlier for summer travel is better, especially this year.

Cancun has bumped to the top destination this summer ahead of Las Vegas and Orlando.

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