SEATTLE -- On April 4-5, Seattle residents finally get their chance to view the world through Glass.

Google is inviting citizens to check out its wearable computing eyewear at Sodo Park, but RSVPs are required. More information can be found at

The weekend is co-sponsored by the Seattle Glass Explorers Artists and Developers Incubator, three local women who are working on application tracks for health/wellness, psychotherapy and lifestyle 2.0 (which includes broadcasting via YouTube and Google+ Hangouts).

Seattle social entrepreneur Jeris Miller launched the incubator and is proud of the fact that it's woman-launched and woman-led. That tends to be an anomaly in tech.

She and the other co-founders/developers, psychotherapist Imei Hsu and Dr. Heather Evans, an assistant professor of surgery at the University of Washington Medical Center, all work on each other's projects. Hsu is exploring emotional intelligence via Glass - ways that the technology could help read facial expressions that might assist people on the autism spectrum. Dr. Evans' track is looking into Glass' potential in diagnostics for first responders as well as enhancing surgical training.

My pathway is lifestyle 2.0, Miller said. What I do is, I'm trying to build the Glass to YouTube to Hangouts to on-air broadcasting pathway.

She got to try out that pathway during a Define Your Island Challenge last September. She and four other members of the Glass Explorer program - people who paid to be beta testers of the technology - were hosted by a Florida tourism group and told to use Glass to document their experiences.

The group used Glass to capture and share digital videos of their parasailing, kayaking and food preparation adventures. They also visited the Thomas Edison Winter Estate near Fort Myers and met up with an actor portraying the famous inventor.

Mr. Edison, would you like me to show you Google Glass? she said to the actor, who remained in character as she placed the headset on his face and showed him photos she's taken. We can transport them up to the Internet within five or 10 seconds.

What's the Internet? the actor said

Oh, the Internet is something new but you would enjoy it, she answered.

What we accomplished is we disrupted the adventure and travel industry, she said. We did the first Glass filming from a remote location.

The footage gained more than 70 million impressions across all the tourism group's social web properties.

Miller's group recently presented at Google's Kirkland offices for International Women's Day activities. The incubator can't monetize any of its tracks while on the Glass Explorer roadmap, but it is trying to line up angel investors for future development.

This is a communication paradigm shift, no doubt about it, Miller said. This is the first show across the bow with wearable technology. This is going to change everything.

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