In Darrington Saturday, the mayor spoke to search crews, volunteers and families of those still missing.

Our community and our town has changed forevermore, said Mayor Dan Rankin.

Highway 530 was the artery, the way folks in Darrington came and went.

Every day since the slide has been an exhausting.

Lauren Kitz could have been on Highway 530 last Saturday.

I just feel bad for everybody who lost people so close to them, she said.

Her cheer leading team could have been there.

We actually went the route through Concrete, when we could have gone the other day. It's just you hurt for everybody, so anything we can do to just help out.

We're all so busy doing what we can and feeling that we're not doing enough, said Rankin.

So on Saturday it was time to stop everything for just a moment - moment of silence.

One week later, an acknowledgment that folks who are still here might need rescuing, too.

That scar on the mountain will never heal, nor will the scar in our hearts, said Rankin.

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