In an interview on Tuesday morning, Golden Tate spoke out about the offer he received from Seattle in the off season as well as the criticism he's received from fans since signing with Detroit.

He was speaking on 710 ESPN Seattle's Bob and Groz show.

Seattle offered a number that was laughable, Tate said. Later he added, The Seahawks said I was going to be their first priority, but I thought the numbers they shot at me were not first-priority kind of numbers.

In the interview, Tate talked about his love for Seattle and how he had hoped to be here for a long time.

I honestly feel like I did give everything I possibly could to the city of Seattle. I'm talking about, you know, I was in the community, I played my tail off every game, I helped bring the first ever Super Bowl to Seattle, and at the end of the day, I even came out and said I'll even give you guys a discount, said Tate.

While he was willing to take a cut, Tate also felt he had proven himself since Seattle drafted him in 2010.

Considering I was there four years, a starter for two of those years. I missed one game in my two years, including the playoffs. Like I said, (I was) in the community, did everything right, was not a troublemaker, everyone loved me in the locker room. I did everything right and the offer that they offered it was like, 'Is this serious?' added Tate.

But it wasn't just the offer that the wide receiver was frustrated with. He also pointed to the response from some Seahawks fans over his contract with Detroit.

I'm really surprised, honestly. I think the world of the 12s and I always will, but there's a large group of 12s who have very quickly turned on me.

After pouring so much into the team and the community, Tate was surprised by the backlash.

I'm just appalled at the attitude that I've received on Twitter from the people who I thought were Golden Tate fans and really thought highly of the Seahawks, he said. People have started to show their true colors and that's something I really don't appreciate, because I gave everything to Seattle I possibly could.

Tate has already started his off season training and is looking forward to playing in Detroit, in what he calls a pass happy offense with one of the top receivers in the league.

As a receiver does it get any better? Tate said. I'm going from a run heavy offense to a pass happy offense where I'm going to have a ton of opportunities. I honestly feel like I'm going to be the player I've always imagined myself being.

You can listen to the full interview here.

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