Seattle's fire chief has publically apologized for an attack in Pioneer Square on Saturday night.

Two of his off duty firefighters are accused of beating a homeless man in Occidental Park.

Scott Bullene and Robert Howell have not been charged.

Police believe it started when Mia Jarvinen, a finance manager at Amazon, kicked a plate of food in front of one of the homeless men who was sleeping on the firefighters memorial.

Scott Bullene was stabbed by the homeless man during the incident.

Fire Chief Gregory Dean says both fire fighters will be put on leave.

We spend our whole careers taking care of people ... and now we have an incident here... where we are not taking care of people. And if these accusations are true we need to hold ourselves accountable, he said.

A witness says Howell and Bullene returned to the scene and got in another fight before police found them at a nearby bar.

Bullene is still recovering in the hospital from his stab wounds.

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