SEATTLE - There are plenty of wine and beer tours, but in Seattle, one company is taking it a step further.

This weekend, Kush Tourism offered its first marijuana themed tours of the city, connecting tourists with small local businesses affiliated with the marijuana culture.

No, there was no pot tasting but as soon as legal dispensaries open in the state, this tour will have a much different flavor.

It's a great business opportunity. We're finally getting over the public stigma of marijuana and I think by this summer things are really going to take off, said Kush Tours CEO Michael Gordon.

The tours offer a wide variety of behind the scenes looks including glass pipe making, a trip to a pot-infused bakery, pot cooking class and a home grow presentation.

I'm making artwork. I don't see the illegality in crafting out of glass. I'm glad the initiative passed and there's tours like this. It let's people see what the industry is all about, said glass blower Nathan Aweida.

About 10 people, mostly Seattlites, made up the tour Sunday.

I think it's great for tourism and it's been a good move on the part of Seattle to embrace this to the extent that they have, said pot enthusiast David Muret.

The tour made a stop to the Phinney Ridge coffee shop slash marijuana treats store Herb House where Allison Draisin showed off her seven layer bar. And where, only in Seattle, they also offer gluten free vegan options.

This has a lot of medication in it, she said to the crowd.

But you can't taste the cannabis at all. It's important to start with a quarter size of the treat and wait 45 minutes before adding more. It's a lot easier to speed up the train but harder to get off, said Draisin who founded Ettalew's Medibles.

So did anyone get to taste it? No, and therein lies the catch.

There's no stores where you can buy and sell it, so until it's legal, we can't do it, said Gordon.

That is expected to come in June, which is about as early as most tourists would want to visit Seattle anyway.

The tours costs between $75-150 and they'll start running every weekend from here on out. As soon as the dispensaries open, they do plan to have pot tastings.

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