Little Padfoot the cat survived being stuck in the engine compartment of a car for 12 hours, but he suffered leg and head injuries.

Now there is a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money for his care.

Here's his story...

Emily Bragg was driving down SR 167 in the fast lane, traveling 60 mph when she heard yowling.

She pulled over, lifted the hood and found two eyes staring at her - a cat was stuck in there.

The reason there's a backup on 167s before the 212th at exit is me. There's a cat stuck in my car.... she Tweeted.

She called AAA and then two Washington State Patrol troopers pulled up. But nobody could figure out how to get the little gray and white cat out of his predicament.


I'm going to call him Diesel, she said.

A tow truck soon arrived, the tire was removed from the vehicle and it was a State Trooper who got the cat out.

It turned out Diesel was actually Padfoot, Emily's roommate's cat.

Thank you for all of your concern with #OperationCatRescue, she Tweeted.

Emily said Padfoot survived a trip from Puyallup to Renton, was inside the engine compartment all day, and then survied the trip to Kent.

That's one lucky cat! she said.

But Padfoot now needs surgery to fix a dislocated hip and fractured knee, so funds are being raised to pay for the surgery.

Emily says any money raised over the amount needed for Padfoot's care will be donated to the ASPCA.

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