EVERETT, Wash. -- Some colorful cans are showing up on Everett streets, and city officials are hoping people will want to know what they are for.

They are decorated rain barrels that are messengers for the city s Let it Rain program.

The city asked local businesses to host and, in some cases, decorate the barrels in hopes of showing residents a new way to look at rain.

Rain barrels capture some of winter s heavy rains and save it for the dry spring and summer months. The city is offering savings for people who want to buy a barrel for their yards and gardens. They ll provide assistance on rain gardens and other water saving concepts.

The rain barrels can be easily hooked up to downspouts and have spigots installed that allow owners to water their plants throughout the year.

The barrels on the streets were decorated by local artists and students and will be available for purchase on an online auction in April.

You can find out more about the Let it Rain project and the barrels by logging onto the following city websites:

City of Everett - rain barrels

Let it Rain campaign - City of Everett

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