SEATTLE -- The ACTCommittee has finalized their recommendation for the proposed SR-99 tunnel toll.

They've advised drivers pay $1.00 at non-peak times and $1.25 at peak, which will last from 7-9am and 3-6pm.

The committee used models to decide what price and times would keep 80% of drivers on SR-99 during peak times.

It indicated that we're much better off with a low constant toll than a very high inconsistent toll, explained ACTCo-Chair Mawd Daudon. The process has been about trying to get closer and closer and closer to that sweet spot.

If too costly, they worried about vehicles flooding downtown Seattle to avoid paying.

If we actually congest it too much, people will start to say, 'Yeah, it may not be worth coming to the downtown core, Daudon said.

The recommendation must head to the state transportation commission for approval.

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