Seattle Mayor Ed Murray delivered his State of the City address Tuesday, stressing the need for a higher minimum wage and affordable housing.

I'm committed to a process of increasing the minimum wage in this city and setting a goal of $15 an hour, he said.

He made the speech to an enthusiastic crowd in the Seattle City Council Chambers.

Murray talked about progress and process.

He announced the formation of at least four new committees to study the city's urgent issues.

He'll form a committee to study an environmental plan, a maritime and industry plan, an affordable housing plan and a plan for neighborhood development.

Murray had already announced the formation of a committee to study ride-sharing and a new police chief search.

City Council Member Mike O'Brien said he's pleased with the job Murray has done in his first six weeks in office.

I imagine it's been a crazy six weeks for him to get up to speed on things that we've been working on for years, said O'Brien.

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