Stylist Darcy Camden gives us tips on how to dress for an interview for both a traditional work environment and a creative work environment. She brings along career coach and author of Your Career, Your Way, Lisa Quast who has some general interviewing tips as well.

Traditional (SUITS):

#1. Fit and current styling is important. If you look outdated, your skill set will seem outdated and out of touch, not good in a competitive environment.

#2. Avoid black suits if you can. If you want to buy one suit for every occasion, opt for navy or dark grey. It s more appropriate for an interview, presentation, or even a special event.

#3. Black shoes with black suit/brown shoes with navy or blue.

#4. Don t forget about your outerwear and your accessories! You make a first impression from the moment you walk in the door. Don t top a great suit with a ragged coat, purse, or shoes.

#5. When in doubt, opt for the more conservative option. If you feel unsure, don t wear it! Hopefully you ll get a second interview and you can adjust your appearance slightly to show more personality if appropriate.

Creative (NON-SUITS):

#1. Avoid jeans in an interview (even if the office is ultra casual). Follow dress instructions, research style culture, call HR or ask about attire when you re setting up your interview. Your goal is to appear as if you will fit in without looking sloppy.

#2. Show personality with a pop of bright color, but avoid overwhelming or distracting patterns. Don t typecast yourself with an over-the-top outfit, you want to appear versatile.

#3. Stay understated and conservative with hair and make-up.RECOMMENDED LINK FOR WOMEN.

#4. Avoid strong fragrance, like cologne, perfume and body spray. This is the NUMBER ONE complaint from hiring managers!

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