With most Seahawks fans looking forward to Sunday, some Seattle sports and business promoters have their eyes on 2019 or 2020.

While in New York this week, the president and CEO of Visit Seattle will unofficially drop hints to the NFL about a future Super Bowl in Seattle.

We're not on the list yet. We've not asked for it, but we would like to be on the list. said Tom Norwalk.

Visit Seattle has already put three double-decker buses in New York and an ad in the official Super Bowl program promoting Seattle as a destination.

Boosters are hoping for support from the richest team owner in the league, Paul Allen.

I haven't seen a big commitment from Paul Allen to bring a Super Bowl to Seattle.Typically, it happens within a year after a new stadium is built and we're well into the aging of CenturyLink, says Ivar's president Bob Donegan.

Donegan says it could be a huge winter boost for Seattle. He estimates in a four-day Seattle Super Bowl period, they'd sell 20 times more fish and chips and chowder.

Going after a Super Bowl is expensive. It costs about $30 to $50 million to form a host committee, develop a plan and presentation and host the game.

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