In 2012, Tom Brady became the first big-time target of Richard Sherman s trash talking. On Monday, Bradywas making his weekly appearance on Boston s Dennis and Callahan show on Boston s WEEI when he was asked about the latest round of bluster and bravado from the gabby Seattle Seahawks cornerback.

We win with graciousness.

Hey now! Apparently Richard Sherman isn t the only one who can throw backhanded shade. Who knew Brady could get dirty and sling around a little mud? I like this side of the Pats QB so much I ll resist countering his claims of gracious winning with an obvious Spygate reference.

The graciousness line merits the headlines, but Brady gave a longer answer to the question that included more digs and a little praise. Like any seasoned media veteran, the quarterback made sure to end his statement on a positive note, thus obscuring the snipes from the beginning. (Via NESN.)

I don t know [Sherman] at all. I ve watched him play.He s that kind of guy. So, you know. I approach the game and I have respect for my opponents. That s the way our team always plays. We win with graciousness, and when we lose, we could do better. Some teams don t always do that, or that s not their program. The only way to counter that is to beat them. When you don t win, it s hard not to say you just gotta shut your mouth and listen to it. Maybe when you get an opportunity down the road, maybe that s a source of motivation. But they got a good team. They played well all year. They played well at home. And that s why they advanced, too.

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