Seattle s brand new South Transfer station has a bird problem.

They weren t around when the weather was nice, but once it started getting cold, they started coming in, said Ken Snipes, Solid Waste Operations Manager for Seattle Public Utilities (SPU).

The birds, mostly starlings and crows, are enjoying a warm roost in the rafters of the tall building and plenty to eat. The giant entry doors give them a perfect entry point and they fly in and out as they please.

The problem is they are painting everything in the transfer station with their waste, including workers who say they get droppings on their hard hats, clothes and, if they look up at the wrong time, in the face.

Snipes said the city is required to reduce or eliminate health threats like birds and rats so it has contracted with a state agency to help them.

Some accepted methods include using netting to keep the birds off the rafters, using loud recorded noises and some lethal measures.

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