In this year of Selfies and Instagram you might feel like you're getting lots of pictures, but are they good ones? Here with some tips for taking great photos this holiday season is ParentMap photographer Will Austin.

Capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments:
- Be ready for the great moments - have the camera charged and leave it out.
- Start taking pictures, before the moment starts so you don't miss it itself and snap away, they can always be deleted afterwards.
- Other things to look for in the scene
- Tricks for using a flash - diffusion, small and large flashes, for instance, put a tissue over a direct flash to soften light, or if a moveable flash, aim at ceiling to bounce light.

Great photos with camera phones:
- Tripod mount for smart phones
- Best apps: CameraSharp, Snapseed, Hipstamatic

Good outside shots:
Lighting can be tricky with lots of contrast especially on bright sunny days on a ski slope
- Correct Exposure in bright scenes
- Flash/No Flash Rules
- Use HDR function in phone

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