PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. Moratorium or not, Scott Zanotelli won t let the Pierce County council determine if he sells pot under Initiative 502.

If the state of Washington gives me a 502 license, said Zanotelli, And it s legal under 502 rules, I m going to open up a store.

Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy vetoed a moratorium on potential pot retailers in the unincorporated parts of the county.

McCarthy said the moratorium could put the county at risk for lawsuits since local agencies cannot pass ordinances in conflict with state law. But Tuesday night, by a 5-2 vote, members voted to overturn her veto.

I d like to see a little breathing room, said Doug Richardson, a Republican who voted to overturn the veto.

Despite word that the Department of Justice plans on allowing the growth and sales of pot under I-502, Richardson is still concerned the new state law violates federal drug law.

It would be a good think if we got a ruling from a court saying, No. You can do this because federal law does not preempt you, or vice versa, said Richardson.

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