SEATTLE -- Coming off a dominant performance against the New Orleans Saints onMonday night, some Seattle Seahawks fans are already looking ahead. Not just to next week's game at San Francisco, but to the Super Bowl.

People are already hedging their bets, said travel expert Steve Damishek, We've had people booking six weeks ago, just assuming the Seahawks might go.

The 2014 Super Bowl is at MetLive Stadium outside NewYorkCity. Damishek suggested that has benefits and drawbacks.

Hotels are not going to be a problem, he said, The rates in NewYork appear to be about the same as normal.

He indicated the first step is to get the hotel room, making sure it's a refundable reservation. After that comes the most challenging part, said Damishek, getting tickets.

The actual resale market where most of the activity is going to be hasn't bumped up more than two-to-three thousand dollars, he said, You can get tickets in the $2,500 range. That's upper endzone just to get you in the door.

Damishek also looked at plane tickets to get to the New York area. His advice is to fly into other airports like Philadelphia or Boston and take a train intoManhattan.

The Meadowlands is right in the center of the corridor that goes from Boston to Washington D.C. You have other airports you can use to get cheap fares, he said.

However, another popular travel option is to ignore New York altogether. Damishek said a growing trend is to take the Super Bowl party to Las Vegas. He called that the SuperBowl's dirty little secret.

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