BELLEVUE -- Snow and ice could impact the morning commute Monday, according to transportation officials. The Washington State Department of Transportation is warning drivers about possible traffic backups caused by the winter weather.

We could have as many as 120 plows working from Bellevue to Bellingham, said spokesperson Dave McCormick.

Transportation officials are prepared to use a salt-sand mix and de-icer on the highways. McCormick said crews will be out on the roads overnight monitoring Whatcom County and Skagit County. By Monday morning, he expects the weather to move into King County.

Later in the afternoon especially we are seeing that the temperatures are going to start to drop and we are going to need to be into the snow and ice fighting mode pretty seriously down here in the lowlands.

The Washington State Patrol is encouraging drivers to be prepared for the slick roads.

One of the best things we can do is just leave early. If we leave early it gives us a lot more time, we are less stressed about having to drive, and we take less chances out there, said Trooper Chris Webb.

Trooper Webb is also urging people going to the Seahawks game Monday night to plan for winter driving conditions.

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