Is there a Seattle accent? According to a survey by the dating site, the West Coast accent is the 3rd most attractive in North America.

A poll of 2,000 men and women revealed the following ranking of Most Attractive Accents:

[Rank, total and m/f split]
1st Southern 36.5% (45/28)
2nd New York 16.5% (10/23)
3rd Western 13 % (16/10)
4th New England 10.5% (8/13)
5th New Jersey 7% (4/10)
6th Canadian 7% (3/11)
7th Midwestern 5.5% (8/3)
8th Mid-Atlantic 4% (5/3)

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The following analysis is from

So, what is it that makes the Western accent so attractive to the opposite sex? With notable exceptions like the laid-back sounds of California s surfer dudes, the West is home to North America s least distinctive and most generic accents. The West Coast is a metropolis of cultures which perhaps explains why it is the most neutral of all accents. It seems to be serving Westerners well, as they bagged third place in s survey. So the Western states are a potential hotbed of love and romance- it seems the neutral, so called newscaster accent is a big turn on!

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