OLYMPIA, Wash. - The Washington State Liquor Control Board is considering a proposal to ban the use of marijuana at any business with a liquor license, which includes bars and night clubs.

They have concerns about public safety having two types of intoxicants going on at once smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol, said spokesperson Brian Smith.

Olympia bar owner Frank Schnarrs allows customers to smoke marijuana in a private area on the second floor of Frankie s Sports Pub. Schnarrs believes his private pot section is not against the law.

It's legal. They passed the law. It's recreational, but I'll ask you the same question, where you going to smoke it, said Schnarrs.

Initiative 502 states it is illegal to use marijuana in public.

A public hearing is scheduled for 10 am December 11 at the Washington State Liquor Control Board office. If it is passed, the rule would not go into effect until early 2014.

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