The University of Washington is working with the promoters of FreakNight on a drug safety plan for the two night Halloween event.

The FreakNight Festival is happening this weekend at CenturyLink's WaMu Theater. An estimated 22,000 are expected to attend each night.

After last summer's rave at the Gorge, where 21-year-old Patrick Witkowski died and nearly 70 patients were rushed to the hospital, the promoters, USC Events, are confronting the drug issue head-on.

Safety messages are being sent to FreakNight ticket holders. They are being told about Washington State's Good Samaritan Law that says neither an overdose victim nor a person who calls for help can be arrested for simple possession of illegal drugs.

It's zero tolerance and if something bad happens we want you to stay alive and we want to keep you healthy, said Caleb Banta-Green, with the University of Washington Drug and Alcohol Abuse Institute.

There will be 25 to 30 volunteer safety ambassadors roaming the venue on FreakNight.

We have medical staff, rovers making sure people are OK and drinking water, said USC Events spokesman, Alex Fryer.

Coupling with the UW, the King County Department of Health Services will do a FreakNight survey on safety and drug use at the event.

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