SEATTLE -- A man who strangled and robbed his grandparents after they celebrated his release from prison was sentenced Friday in Seattle to life in prison without parole.

That was the only possible sentence for Michael Chadd Boysen, 27, after he entered a guilty plea to aggravated murder charges Oct. 4 for the March 9 killings of 82-year-old Robert Taylor and 80-year-old Norma Taylor at their Renton home.

After his grandparents hosted the celebration, Boysen strangled them in the middle of the night, stole cash and jewelry, including his grandfather's wedding band off his finger. He was eventually caught after a manhunt.

King County prosecutors did not seek the death penalty.

Lawyers for Boysen had asked for a 40-year sentence because of Boysen's history of mental illness. He's tried to kill himself more than a dozen times in jail. The superior court judge said a lesser sentence was not possible.

At the sentencing Friday, the whole family had a chance to talk in court. The first to speak was Boysen's mother.

Opening the guest room closet door, I could not believe what I saw, said Melanie Taylor, Boysen's mother. I opened and shut that door three times, in hopes of what I was seeing was not for real. My parents were piled on the closet floor in a manner I will never forget.

She says she's tried to make sense of what happened and says she can only find comfort in the love of her parents.

Whatever transpired that horrible night, I know my parents would have done anything to help their grandson, even if it mean giving up their lives to do so, she said.

The rest of the family was not as kind. Boysen's uncle had a statement he wrote read out loud as he started squarely at the man who killed his parents.

He acted so happy and grateful to be with his family, all the while knowing what he had planned for that night, he said in the statement.

As one of his aunts spoke, Boysen jumped up in an expletive-riddled outburst. Then Boysen had his own turn to talk. At one point, he went so far as to ask for an apology from his family.

Lastly, the judge spoke and gave Boysen what was expected: his sentence.

Boysen's lawyer may still plan to appeal the verdict.

KING5's Mitch Pittman contributed to this report.

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