There is no thrill of victory. And for the Republicans and the Tea Party - there IS agony in defeat.

Conservative talk show host Michael Medved says it was a fight that went too far-- and Republicans ended up backing themselves into a corner.

For a major party going into a congressional election next year, this has got to be somewhat concerning, said Medved.

The only way out, says UW Political Science Professor Matt Barreto, may not come until next November - when voters decide who should stay in office and who should go. Right now, the polls aren't exactly in any incumbant's favor. Congressional approval is at an all time low.

Whether or not those polls even out or if Congress stays on an extremely low trajectory over the next year, said Barreto.

The some voters say today's deal is barely a deal at all.

I just think it's all wrong. And all they've done is kicked the can down the road for three months, said Tom Eshom.

Medved says the effects of the shutdown go beyond voting the incumbants out: I think what you're going to find in 2014 is a very low turnout election and far from people saying we have to clean all these people out, it's voter disillusionment, that's the real damage.

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