The debate over labeling genetically modified food hit the streets of Seattle, Saturday. A group protested against the biotech company Monsanto and tried to rally support for I-522.

The protests against Monsanto are notnew and they took place in cities across the world. The company has been taking heat for years for its genetically engineered products.

Those who participated in Seattle's protest say I-522 finally gives them the chance to do something about it. Theinitiative has become one of the most contentious and costlydebates in state history.

I-522 supporter Ingrid Hinton says she s concerned about the issue I don't know what's wrong with labeling it's not stopping them but it's giving us a choice about whether they want to eat it or not, she explained.

The issue has turned heated in recent weeks as opponents say it could make groceries cost more. Some I-522 supporters disagree; others say you can't put a price on safety.

Phoebe Hinton was concerned about what it means for her son. Honestly, I wouldn't care if it cost a little more money it's my child and his health, she explained.

The No on I-522 campaign has not been shy in firing back. It provides them with inaccurate and incomplete information, Dana Bieber said.

Bieber went on to call the initiative flawed . We already have a labeling system that's 100 percent reliable and it won t cost any additional money, she said.

Those against the measure point out it doesn't require the labeling for all foods, but some supporters say it s just a first step and could lead to more labels in the future. It's a good start, Connie Cutler said once we start here and other states will follow.

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