SEATTLE - Capitol Hill has long been known for its nightlife and young vibe, but these days it seems like it has become a battleground too.

On Thursday night, Incumbent Mike McGinn faced his challenger, Ed Murray.

I think I'd be the first mayor from Capitol Hill, so that would be exciting, said Murray. This is my hood, this is where I have spent 29 years of my life. This is where my husband, and I live. It has been my political base so I look forward to winning Capitol Hill in November.

I've certainly gotten a lot of support from it in the past, said McGinn. In the last election and the primary, I tend to draw support from young folks who want to see more rail, they want to see us get serious about global warming.

Some Seattle nightlife advocates just endorsed Murray, and he called it an important endorsement because it reaches younger groups of voters who can make a difference in a campaign.

But McGinn pointed out that he has nightlife supporters too. He said last time he ran without many endorsements and still won the election.
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