Darcy Camden focused today's Style 101 lesson on finding the best fitting jeans for your figure - and shared a laundry tip to keep your favorite jeans looking like new. She also brought five models wearing different styles of jeans to illustrate her lesson.

Model #1: DL1961 (Hointer,

Great for: Comfort seekers!

Why I love them: I love the innovative construction and stretch ( 4 way stretch, 360 comfort ). They stretch and move with you, but they don't stretch out or lose their shape.

Model #2: Seven For All Mankind Kimmie Bootcut (Hointer,

Great for: DenimTraditionalists

Why I love them: I've put clients of every age in these jeans. They are true classics, and they last for a LONG time. A great first pair of investment jeans (over $150).

Model #3: MiH jeans (

Great for: Anyone seeking for their new favorite jeans

Why I love them:MiH is one of Britain s mosticonic denim brands. Founded in 1969, it was originally named Made in Heaven with the goal of providing the mostperfect-fitting, leg-lengthening jeans around. Plus, I love the option to monogram!

Model #4: BDG High Rise Twig (Urban Outfitters,

Great for: Wearing with boots

Why I love them: The high waist prevents uncomfortable slipping, and the slim, fitted leg is perfect for fitting into jeans.

Model #5: LEVI'S JEANS (JC Penney,

Great for: Budget Fashionistas

Why I love them: You can't beat the price and the selection in the Levis boutique within JCP. Levis 529 is my all time favorite curvy fit!

Darcy's rules for finding the perfect jeans

1. Try them on! Always try your jeans on before you buy, even if you are buying the same style/brand that you've been buying for years. Manufacturers can make tiny changes to the fit or size, so this year's version may fit differently than last years.

2. Don't worry about the number. I've seen too many women waste money on the wrong jeans, because they were hung up on buying a certain size. Remember, no one can see the size tag. You will look leaner if you buy jeans that fit.

3. Go a little darker. If you're feeling discouraged about the fit of your jeans, go to a darker shade of denim. Darker denim has a slimmer effect.

4. Sit, move and stretch in the fitting room. Once you find a pair that fits, move around. Sit down, bend over, walk around a little. If they are uncomfortable, you won't wear them often.

5. Get them hemmed! This is a crucial step, that too many women miss. Bring shoes to the fitting room, so you can try your jeans on with the appropriate shoes and hem your pants to the appropriate length.

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