OLYMPIA - Not many restaurants could survive with the word dirty in their name, but it wasn't a problem for Dirty Dave Wilson.

Wilson died at the age of 76 in Olympia last week.

He opened Dirty Dave's Pizza Parlor in 1972. His sons, who now run the place, have no plans on closing. They didn't even shut down on Friday, when Wilson passed away.

He would have told us to get our butts to work, said son Greg Wilson.

He isn't sure where his Dad's nickname came from.

I always assumed it was for his sense of humor, said Greg Wilson.

Wilson said the restaurant survived because they serve quality food and take care of their customers.

Dirty Dave also took care of his community. He was a longtime donor to the Thurston County Food Bank and helped support Homeless Backpacks, a charity that provides low-income students with free food.

This program really spoke to him, said daughter-in-law Kelly Wilson, who works with the charity.

Greg Wilson says the family will continue to feed the hungry.

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